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MoveHelper for house moves

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Android App: MoveHelper - Der Umzug-Helfer
MoveHelper for house moves
This app has been implemented for my own house move and has been made freely available to the community. The App has been programmed carefully and was tested by a number of users. Should nevertheless any damages arise from this app no liability can be granted. In particular, the user has to prevent any loss of the stored tasks and data for the house move by expoting the data to a XML file regularely and to backup the application data this way.

Description of functionality:

MoveHelper provides a large set of TODO-items (Tasks). Tasks can be removed and new tasks can be added.

Every task has a status, date, a priority, and some place for notes. First, choose a date for each task, indicating when it is due. Set the status to "done" whenever a task has been finished. If any task takes several days, it can be marked with the status "in progress". Additionally very important tasks can be marked with a higher priority ("Prio A"). To avoid to loose track of any task, just sort the list by priority, date, state, or name.
MoveHelper Screen Shot MoveHelper Screen Shot MoveHelper Screen Shot

Align dates around the move date: Each task in initialized with a new date. Tasks have equal time distance around the move date. The date of all tasks that have been added manually is not changed.
MoveHelper Screen Shot

New initial list:All provided tasks are initialized with dates in the future (having a 2-days distance). Each list has a name. The name is used when exporing the list as XML-File.
MoveHelper: Initial check list with house move tasks

New emty list: Also a empty list contais always the important task "Date of Move". Each list has a name. The name is used when exporing the list as XML-File.

New tasks and searching tasks: Only a name is required for a new task. To find any task, type the search string to re-sort the task list: matching entries will be shown on top.
MoveHelper Find entries

Import and export lists into XML format:

Backup of a list of tasks: Simply press "Export XML". This backup can be re-imported later. Then the system will ask, if the current list shall be replaced by the import (import list with different name), or the system shows automatically differences within a merge editor (import list with the same name, i.e. a different version of the same list).
MoveHelper: Export the check list for your move MoveHelper: Import the check list for your move

Use multiple task lists (usualy not necessary for the house move): Press "Export XML". Then create a new list with a new name. Again, this list has to be backuped by using "Export XML". Use "Import XML" to switch between the lists, but first backup all changes by using "Export XML".

Multi User: Provide your task list by using "Export XML" to any other android user. When later applying "Import XML", then it will be recognized that the lists have the same name. Differences are displayed by the merge editor. Here these three cases can happen:
Case A: A task has been changed locally or in the XML.
Case B: An enty has been added in the current local list or has been removed in the XML (remote list).
Case C: An entry has been removed in the current local list, or it has been added in the XML.
MoveHelper: Merge the check lists MoveHelper: Merge the check lists MoveHelper: Merge the check lists

Edit task list at the PC: The XML list can be modified at the PC by using common programs. However, this is not recommanded, since there can be arise inconsistent data, e.g. names and ids must not be modified. After each modifiction, the version of the file must be incremented. Note, that date, status, and priority are stored twice for each list item, machine readable and user readable.